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Dollar Notes


  • How much does the Oklahoma DUI assessment cost?
    For an arrest prior to November 1, 2008, the assessment fee is $175. For an arrest on or after November 1, 2008, the assessment fee is $160.
  • How much do the Oklahoma ASDAC DUI classes cost?
    The 10 hour class is $150. The 24 hour class is $360
  • When do I have to pay for the DUI assessment?
    Payment in full is due at the time you arrive for your assessment or first DUI class.
  • What types of payment methods do you accept for DUI services ?
    Cash or United States postal money order
  • Who do I make the money order out to?
    Straight & Narrow DUI Services, Inc.
  • Are ADSAC fees negotiable?
    The fees are mandatory (not negotiable) and regulated by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.
  • How much is counseling?
    Contact Wendy Taylor, LPB, LADC for information about pricing at 580-298-7301
  • How long do I have to complete the ADSAC program?
    Per state law, once you complete your Oklahoma ADSAC DUI assessment, you have 6 months to begin your treatement intervention(s). If you do not initiate your treatment within the 6 month period, your assessment expires and you will be required to obtain a new assessment. Contact the office for DUI school deadlines which are also state mandated.
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